Channel of Concentration - 52/9


The Channel of Concentration – 52-9 links the Sacral Center through the 9, the Gate of Focus to the 52, the Gate Keeping Still (Focus) in the Root. This channel is one of the format energies (The other two are 3/60 and 42/53). This is the channel of being focused and concentrated which is the heart (and the root) of what it is to be logical.

Since it is also one of the format energies it is very powerful: it is a frequency that gets put out to other people. The Logic "Format" channel provides responsive focus, concentration and determination to any potential activity in life. This is the logic format of mastery, because it enhances the experimental process in life that potentially leads to perfection.

People with this channel want to share with others this process of being focused and concentrated. The 52-9 can provide others with a greater capacity to focus on, to experiment with, to judge or to correct patterns. Of course, since it is a generator channel, it is most successful when it provides that in response. The 52 - 9 can often fit in quite well in scientific and future-oriented situations.