Channel of Judgment - 18/58


Coming from the root is the 58th gate, the Joyous, which goes up to the 18th gate, Work on What Has Been Spoilt. This has to do with the love of life, the vitality which fuels life and causes us to want to perpetuate it. Called the channel of Judgment, insatiability is a byproduct of the ability to feel so wonderful. It is as though this hexagram says, “more and better, more and better”, which has to do with the impulse that is keeping us alive and healthy.

Of course, it is not possible to constantly have more and better, so we come to the gate at the other side, the 18th gate that links the channel to the spleen, and manages to keep what is healthy or not in balance. The channel of Judgment is rooted in logic. It is about knowing what works, and likewise, knowing what doesn’t work. The logic circuit is all about comparing patterns and understanding what is inherently correct based on the knowledge of the comparison.

Thus, when someone with this channel perceives something that is inconsistent within a pattern, they feel a need to express it and alert others to it. These people will share with you the correction you need (or the correction they think you need). It can be an endless and incessant stream of data about what is wrong coming from the need of the 18th gate to "work on what has been spoilt". The 18th gate challenges everything and tells you what needs to be worked on.

These people will share with you the correction you need (or the correction they think you need). This can be useful or not. Your mother sharing with you their opinion of your haircut can be helpful or not. But the main theme is sharing of what needs to be corrected. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is not personal, no matter how personal it might feel to you.

The energy within this channel stems from an underlying motive to perpetuate our existence. After all, our genes are very interested in perpetuation of the species, and by comparing what has worked (the pattern) with what is not working, the 18 is focusing to get back to what works. In a way, the 18 is like a sentry that needs to be trained to recognize what needs to be called attention to, because it will call an alert to every problem it observes. When it is functioning at its highest level, this channel can keep society on track to a better future and serve us all through this awareness.