Channel of Talent - 16/48

The Channel of Talent – 16-48, links the Splenic Center through the 48, the Gate of Depth, to the 16, the Gate of Skills in the Throat. This channel gives the collective access to the depths and skills to promote Mastery. Mastery comes from repetitive experiments while striving for perfection.

This is the master and apprentice relationship where the master shares her talents with the apprentice. This sharing can go on for years if necessary until the apprentice develops the skills. The sharing is a repetitive process, so they might share the same talent with you over and over, like the apprentice practicing.

Since this is a projected channel there is always some desire for recognition. Talent is amazing when it is energized, and frustrated and anxious when not. Since money can be a form of recognition, the 16-48 will usually find a way to be socially competent in order to make money. So people with this channel want to share their talents with you in order to improve their own talents – to master them.

They may even want you to share your own talents, but only because 48 is always on the lookout for vital information and the 16 is always considering new ways to experiment. You see again that the sharing, in whichever direction, is for the satisfaction of the one who is collective.