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It’s All About the Adventure

Huayhuash is a documentary about exploration, journey and companionship, set in one of the most remote and rugged locations on the planet. Human Design created a simple, elegant narrative website with a single goal: let the stunning imagery and video footage of the documentary do the talking. The result was an award-winning website that made the story of this remarkable trip accessible to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

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Showcasing the Products

Throughout the film, the products used on the expedition are tastefully and subtly integrated into the narrative. We were able to help highlight these products throughout the site so the creators of the film could honor their sponsorship commitments without compromising the integrity of the story.

Telling the Story

We designed the website in a chapter book style to elicit a visceral experience of this truly epic journey through the Huayhuash mountains. The site was created for and in partnership with Bike Magazine, whose readers are avid adventurists and thrill seekers. For this audience, we knew a run of the mill website experience would never be good enough.