Senior Director of Insights & Strategy

Job Title: Senior Director of Insights, Strategy

Location: Boulder, CO

About Us:

Human Design is a Brand Transformation Studio that partners with leaders in business and society to move customers, businesses, and the entire human race. Human Design started off as an integrated advertising & design agency in 2013. Today Human Design is an integrated creative studio that helps leaders connect with their customer all along the customer experience from research, insights, and concept development, to new brand creation and digital design, video, media placement & management, to social management and strategy

We believe that success in today’s rapidly changing environment requires organizations to harness the power of human intuition and deep customer knowledge. Success at Human means working in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment with people at the core. We are a boutique firm and this means every person matters to every project. Our expectation is that every employee will continue to develop a creative outlet and harness this energy to fuel their work in the office. 


The Strategy practice is responsible for finding, analyzing, and presenting the core human insights that will lead to breakthrough change. We are charged with delivering meaningful insights that will lead to action, inspire our clients and, ultimately, move people towards the goodness, truth, and beauty of our client’s business offerings. We work across all industry verticals delivering insights but, tactically, we focus our attention in a few key areas: Quantitative and Qualitative Customer Research, Market Segmentation, Brand Equity Strategy, Trends & Insights Reporting, Workshop facilitation, Concept Development (writing, iterating, delivering, and testing), Brand Purpose development, and Brand Positioning.

We have broad experience in sports marketing, nutrition, apparel, consumer packaged goods, financial services, and media (including film) marketing. In this role, you will be expected to bring your own experience and unique history to bear in these industries and more. Your biggest value will be to bring confidence and rigor to an unstructured and highly volatile client challenge and produce an actionable, transformational change to them on time and budget.

About You:

An ideal candidate specializes in brand strategy and customer research and will manage clients from end to end – proposal development and crafting deliverables, to interacting with key client stakeholders and developing a relationship as an indispensable ally with clients. If you are intellectually curious, actively resist the urge to become cynical and are excited by a life of humble service to others, you are well set-up for success at Human. Be prepared for anything and expect that you will play a leading role in defining the culture of project delivery and employee wellness at Human for years to come. 

Core Responsibilities:

On a day to day basis you will use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to drive business impact with our clients. You will lead research and concept development from inception to analysis and then will be charged with delivering core human insights that have the ability to transform our client’s most difficult challenges. In your role as a core leader in the strategy practice, you will be expected to contribute to articles via the Human email newsletter and online and will contribute to the development of new methodologies and tools to solve unique problems in unique ways. You will be responsible for developing go-to-market strategies for new products and, therefore, will be expected to use your creative intuition – aka street smarts – to advise senior clients on high visibility, sometimes multi-million-dollar decisions. 

As an expert in all areas of marketing strategy, you should be fluent in the three great conversations around business growth:

  • Innovation – editing down from a large world of possible ideas to find the things worthy of additional investment
  • Activation – taking good ideas out of the studio and into the real world, under real constraints, and with the people we have today
  • Portfolio – finding the unique role(s) that a brand and product can play in solving a customer problem and focusing attention on explicitly delivering this value.


The road to becoming an expert in Innovation & Strategy Consulting is varied, so there is no “fatal flaw” or “necessary checklist” for this role. However, highly-qualified candidates tend to have some of the following experience.

  • 6+ years of client-side or consulting experience, with a focus on customer research, strategy delivery, and client development
  • Demonstrated mastery of research methodologies and tools such as online focus group recruiting, quantitative analysis tools (i.e. R, Sawtooth, etc.), community moderation tools (e.g. Dub, Further, Tribe) or digital mobile ethnography platforms (i.e. OTS, Revelation, etc.)
  • Advanced data manipulation experience (Excel PivotTables, Alteryx, Tableau, etc.)
  • Deep experience in a wide array of project types – i.e. pricing strategy, segmentation analysis, brand growth, portfolio strategy, new concept evaluation, consumer acceptance research, brand purpose, positioning strategy, acquisitions strategy, etc.


At the core of this role is the ability to deliver high caliber work while building and growing an expanding team of strategists. In your role as Senior Director of Insights and Strategy, you will report to the Chief Strategy Officer of Human and directly oversee the hiring and onboarding of new strategists. With an initially small team of direct reports, you will deliver work that continues to grow our client base and will supervise a Senior Strategist and Associate Strategist whom you will be responsible for hiring. 


You will be expected to travel as client needs dictate. Historically, this has meant travel of up to 25% of your time on the road. Human has a very flexible work from home (WFH) policy and is building out a brand-new space that is set to open in Q1.


Salary and bonus are negotiable – contingent on client experience and seniority.