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A Revolutionary Smart Ski Lift System

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Our Role

DesignHardware ProgrammingSoftware DevelopmentStrategy

The Challenge

Our challenge was to build a system that can deliver up-to-date information to a skier while using the ski lift. The system needed to be intuitive and engineered in a way that it can work with any resort, even with limited WIFI accessibility. Human Design was tasked with designing the interface, programming the hardware and testing the system.

The Solution

The smart ski lift system is designed to deliver information the chairlift as it cycles through the ski lift. Using a combination of various technologies the system is able to gather fresh information as the lift finishes its cycle. The interface is completely portable and works on any screen or mobile phone.

The Outcome

We built a system that is truly scalable. The system can be retro-fitted to any ski lift and is currently being used at Colorado resorts.

The App

Mobile, Large Display, and Ski Lift: This portable piece of software can deliver near real-time information anywhere on the mountain.