Blue Air

What It Means To Fly

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Our Role

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The Client

Blue Air is a Romanian airline headquartered in Bucharest. Founded in 2004 with the goal of creating safe, comfortable flight experiences, it’s the only Romanian airliner with 100 percent private equity. Today, it’s also the nation’s largest carrier and experienced extensive growth between 2014 and 2016 when passenger numbers rose by 150 percent. Blue Air is an airline company that looks to be a step ahead of its competitors. Blue Air takes great joy in connecting the world to Romanians and bringing family and friends back to Romania.

What It Means To Fly

Human Design partnered with Romanian airline, Blue Air to help illustrate the carrier’s devotion to customer service and its deep roots in the history of modern aviation. We asked ourselves what it takes to get an airplane off the ground, and the results pointed to the distance Blue Air goes to ensure they have the vision and pioneering spirit in tandem with the best people to do their jobs. 

Our film crew journeyed across Romania and the narrative of the film follows a family as they were about to embark on a journey, capturing modern flight imagery through the faces of Blue Air employees. 

Our Unique Insights 

As we researched, we were amazed by the deep and extensive history that was inextricably linked with Romania, producing three prominent scientists who helped contribute to moving modern aviation forward. One of those scientists was Henri Coanda, the namesake of the airport in Bucharest where a majority of Blue Air’s flights originate. Not only did he produce the first jet propulsion airplane, but he is known for his work in aerodynamics and discovering what is now known as the “Coanda Effect,” the essential for keeping a plane flying in the air. From the Coanda Effect comes lift, which became a central source of inspiration for our team as we helped create our strategy, storyboards, and ultimately filming.