The Rayback Collective

Built to Connect A Community

Our Role



Create an identity and positioning for Boulder’s newest, most unique foodpark and help establish the location as the community’s backyard.


Give them a new name (Boulder Foodpark → The Rayback Collective) based on the heritage of the space, and create a brand system that is as extensible as it is unique.


A truly distinct brand, paired with a world-class website, and brand collateral have all contributed to The Rayback’s undeniable popularity, leading the brand to open in new markets.

As Unique as the Town it’s In

The founders imagined a food park where ordinary people would gather and dream up extraordinary things over dinner and craft beer. They needed a new name to capture their vision. Human proposed The Rayback Collective based on the story of Marion Rayback who previously owned the building. Along with the name, we created a modular identity system that would capture the local spirit of their new business, while remaining robust and scalable as they expand into new cities.

A Digital Home for a Physical Place

The website we designed for the Rayback needed to feel like a natural extension of the unique and inviting physical space they had created. Our deliberately “borderless” design was informed by the open, neighborly attitude that the Rayback embodies.

"These guys rock! They took a personal approach to our brand and really helped tell the story of what we are, why are we are in business and what we represent. They even helped us think and go deeper in our own minds to really identify the important pieces to our business. They have the right mix of team members to satisfy your needs from the personal side to the technical side to the creative side. You won't be disappointed in their product or in the relationships you will inevitably create with them."

Hank Grant, Co-Founder and Managing Member at Rayback Collective