Rasa Koffee

Changing the Way People Energize

Rasa Koffee

Rasa started their business by crafting a dark, rich, coffee alternative, loaded with adaptogens. They tested their herbal coffee on some coffee-lovers at a Thanksgiving dinner—they were in love! And so Rasa Koffee was born.

Our Role

Human Design was brought in to take Rasa to the next level. We were tasked with increasing sales and to own the marketing strategy for a new campaign. The end result was a campaign that has tripled Rasa’s monthly sales after the first three months and still continues.

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Rasa’s Objective

Increase online sales through an effective marketing campaign.

Our Plan

  • Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign
  • New package design
  • Website updates and conversion friendly landing pages

The Results

Human Design was able to effectively triple Rasa’s monthly sales after the first 3 months of our campaign launch and the growth continues on.

Package Design

Rasa enlisted Human Design’s expertise to re-design the look and feel of their packages while maintaining their pre-existing aesthetic theme.