Launch Forth

Connecting the Dots, Breaking Boundaries

Our Role

Brand StrategyIdentity System Design


To distill and better articulate the mission of the organization in order to bring a new level of gravity and refinement to the brand.


A precise and structured approach to extracting the unspoken truths inherent to the brand allowed us to create an identity expression as unique and divisive as the company we were branding.


A brand identity rooted in structure, but meant to be broken and a well-articulated brand positioning that accurately represents the innovative, rebellious spirit of the company.

A Mark That Disrupts

The logo mark and identity system we created for Launch Forth is based on geometric compositions built within a grid. But in order to authentically represent Launch Forth’s spirit and culture, we found ways to deliberately break these mathematical rules resulting in a brand aesthetic that is both measured and irrational.

A System with legs

To ensure the new brand is consistent in execution and easily applied we broke down the elements and delivered a comprehensive guidelines that presents the brand positioning and walks through the graphic execution.

"There's no question, Human is a talented bunch. But what truly made our work together meaningful is the way they listened. Truly listened. Because they are attentive and every design decision was impeccable and well considered, the brand and identity work they delivered to us was absolutely spot on."

Elle Shelley, Executive Vice President