All Natural Nutrition and a Robust System

Our Role



Bring a unique new health and wellness brand to the market and equip the startup with the technology tools it would need to grow and flourish.



Execute a robust strategy where the all of the constituent parts work fluidly together, including an online store, a reseller program, a unique social sharing discount incentive, a custom Content Managment System and a custom inventory management system.



The platform Human created provided the small team with an entirely new level of process and operating efficiency and made it possible for them to successfully launch their new product and quickly gain early adoption.

A Naturally Appealing E-Commerce Experience

For Skoop to succeed, we knew that their customers’ digital shopping experience would need to be just as good as the high-quality product they were purchasing. We combined a clean aesthetic with obvious actions and just the right amount of supporting product information in order to provide an attractive, healthy feeling online product experience and purchase flow.

Using Incentives To Achieve Healthy Growth

The platform we created included both a customer referral program and a social sharing reward. Both strategies helped motivate customers to organically market the new product. And, in order to track and manage these programs, Human created a custom CMS and backend system so Skoop has complete visibility into, and control over, their sales campaigns, reseller stores and the fulfillment and tracking of their daily operations.

"Human Design has a rare combination of genuine user empathy and full-stack technical prowess. It's a potent mix that produces powerful and compelling work every time."

Alex Bogusky