International Fund for Animal Welfare

Saving the Act that Saves Animals

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Our Role



Our challenge was to create a campaign to humanize the Endangered Species Act and protect it from losing its federal funding.


We utilized celebrity personalities, custom-made wooden pieces and a simple website to tell the story of the ESA in an approachable, compelling way that drove action.


Millions of social shares through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter put appreciable pressure on lawmakers to preserve the ESA and the animals it protects.

A Complicated Story Made Simple

In order to compel people to act, we needed to first help them understand the Endangered Species Act and its long standing role in preserving hundreds of species of animals. The Human team created the One Act For All campaign, enlisting the help of more than 30 well known celebrities in a video that we scripted and creative directed. In combination with social messaging and an elegant website we were able to effectively drive awareness and action.

A Hand Crafted Campaign

To illustrate the story of the Endangered Species Act, we designed 60 intricate and custom-made domino pieces, made in Boulder, CO from responsibly sourced wood. We created a video, using these pieces, to demonstrate the ESA’s role in protecting animal species and how, if we don’t save the ESA, the results could be devastating for more than just the animals it protects.

Bringing Celebrity and Fame to an Important Law

Human created commemorative cards that celebrities involved with the campaign autographed and then were distributed to individuals who contributed. This served as a small, beautifully executed, token to further help personalize the ESA and make a connection between the celebrities and the individuals who care deeply about saving the law.

Spreading the word

In collaboration with IFAW, we encouraged celebrities to use their social accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) to share the campaign assets Human had created. The resulting social buzz generated millions of views, shares and retweets as celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, and Rainn Wilson publicly promoted the cause.

"The team at Human Design were incredible—not only were they responsive and efficient, but they were creative, enthusiastic, collaborative and an all-around pleasure to work with. Due in large part to their tremendous talent, the campaign was a big success -- bringing in forty celebrities and thousands upon thousands of citizens to speak out in support of saving species."

Jeffrey Flocken, Regional Director, North America