Vulcan Productions + Discovery Group

A Global Movement to End Extinction

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Our Role



Create an elegant online experience to complement the Oscar nominated documentary Racing Extinction and create a movement championing the urgent mission of the film.


Launch a stunning web experience that gives people multiple ways to get involved, including a partnership with Discovery Education to provide additional rich content and resources.


Our award-winning website provided the platfrom for more than 100,000 people to take action during the first two weeks of the campaign and spread the message across 220 countries.

Going Off-Screen and Worldwide

Once the documentary was released we collaborated closely with the Discovery Channel as the film was projected on the Empire State Building and simultaneously live-streamed through the platform we created, reaching more than 220 countries and territories around the world. Our online platform helped drive behavior change by compelling visitors to participate in challenges, and explore educational material related to the film.

Getting the Movement Moving

In the early stages of the movement we recognized the need to simultaneously generate buzz and create awareness. To serve these two goals we created an interactive, choose your own adventure style online experience centered around the film’s themes, leading visitors through an immersive story about mass extinction and our role in preventing it.

"It's critical in our work to be surrounded by people who are motivated to make an impact on the world. We chose to work with Human Design because we knew they understood and were equally committed to our mission of driving positive change on our planet. The Human Design team is incredibly talented and dedicated – we couldn't have asked for a better partnership."

Olivia Ahnemann, Producer Oceanic Preservation Society