The Ivory Game - A Netflix Original

Shedding Light on a Dark Trade

Our Role



Create an online experience that maintains the visual and emotional power of the film while expanding upon the problem and highlighting the solution.


Rich storytelling captures a user’s imagination. We leveraged key cinematic elements of the film as a core design tenet in order to create an immersive digital experience and drive action.


Our work on the Ivory Game website was nominated for a Webby Award and contributed to the Chinese government’s move to ban the sale of elephant ivory.


Recognized by the Webby’s

Human Design was nominated for a Webby Award in the category of television as a result of our work on the Ivory Game website experience. The award committee acknowledged how effectively the site illustrates both the problem and the solution while also helping compel visitors to watch the film.

More than a Website

The site we created serves as the hub for the film – a place online to learn what the film is about and find out how to watch it. But more than this, it provides additional resources for education on ivory trafficking and clear actions for people who are motivated to take the next step and get involved in becoming part of the solution.

"When we first started working with Human Design, we knew they were unique. During our time together over the last three years, across four projects, they always delivered our vision and then some. They quickly grasped complex ideas, and not only brought them to life — but took them to a level we never expected. These ladies and gents have an extensive range of knowledge, skills, and capabilities, and their mission just tops it all off."

Matt Milios, Director of Digital Content at Vulcan Productions