We Are Ladder

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Our Role

Post ProductionScript WritingStrategyVideo Concept & Production

Our Client

Ladder makes reaching lifestyle and health goals attainable by providing support and guidance from world-class advisors and experts. They realize that “one-size-fits-all” is not an effective solution, so they have designed an integrated system built on three pillars – content, community, and product – to make a healthy lifestyle truly achievable.

Our Work

Human Design partnered with Ladder to create a series of commercials and a viral media campaign that introduced their brand to the world. We were given the task of taking three very different celebrities and combining their passions to create one unified voice. The result was a booming launch with millions of views, likes, and shares in the first day.

There Is No Magic Pill – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Life is a Workout – Cindy Crawford

Never Finished – LeBron James

There Is No Magic Pill – Lindsey Vonn